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What We Do

Our mission at Exit Foundation is to equip, empower and encourage ex offenders, adults and young people that want need or require help into making positive life choices leading into a brighter future

We provide support and mentoring to those who want to exit a criminal and gang-related lifestyle. We major on building relationships first and foremost by establishing the trust required to mentor individuals into employment, training, and education. We work with offending behaviour including, but not limited to, gang affiliation, knife crime, violent behaviour, drugs, and county lines.

Since we started in 2012, we have worked closely with the criminal justice system via prisons, the young offender institution, community rehabilitation, social services, schools, and more. We’re also committed to establishing a presence on the streets in areas known for having a high concentration of anti-social behaviour.

At Exit Foundation, we are proud to have helped a wide array of individuals, their families and others affected by gang association.


Anyone who wants or requires help

Families and carers affected

Anyone over the age of 10 years old

The Youth Offending Team, social services, and probation

Schools and pupil referral units (PRUs)

It is with your kind donations that Exit Foundation are able to provide support to all individuals affected by gang association and crime. If you’d like to help us continue our mentoring and guidance to those in need, please donate by clicking the button below.

The future mission of Exit Foundation is to provide housing for young people whom are either in care about to leave care or need ‘emergency housing’ requirements. The latter being housing provision for young people fleeing from violence, criminal/sexual exploitation and or abuse.

At Exit Foundation we have noticed a need for a caring, loving and supported environment for young people. We intend to help to facilitate this need and provide such a service shortly. Our housing provision will include a full support package including mentoring, education, life coaching and employment, training and apprenticeship support.

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Mentoring and Employment

Our tailored 16-week mentoring programme is fully adaptable to suit the needs of each individual. Taking a month-by-month approach, we pair our client with a mentor, uncover the root of their problems, and set goals for change. Throughout the programme, we will work with the individual to prepare and progress them into employment, training or education.

Alternative Education Provider

Young persons who have been dismissed from mainstream school and or PRU’s or who refuse to engage with education provisions are given the opportunity to continue to study in a warm and friendly environment via ‘The Centre of Excellence’ an accredited city and guilds registered education provider. Students are provided with one on one tutorial. Young people can also be brought up to the National standards of education expected for their age group. Students can also take:

All Level 1 Courses Effective Communication, Managing Personal Finances, Awareness in Equality and Diversity,  Skills, Qualities and Attitudes for Learning and Work, Customer Service, Functional Skills English and Maths

Reparation Workshops

These are workshops designed for young people who have been placed on ‘Youth offending community orders’ and it enables them to learn something and gain an AQA accreditation whilst they complete their court order.

Gang Awareness Workshops & Presentations

Our gang awareness workshops and presentations are designed to provide an understanding and awareness of those likely to be exposed to gang associations. Through our training courses, we hope to help create positive role models for individuals in need, and a greater awareness of how to respond appropriately when required.

If you know somebody who could benefit from our services, or would simply like to find out more, we’d love to hear from you.

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