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Housing Options


During our period of working with young people, we have identified that there is a major need for good quality caring Semi-Independent Provision.  In response to this need and with guidance from the relevant professionals we are now proud to offer a semi-independent home for 16-25 year-olds who are transitioning from the care system to independent living.

This property has two decent sized bedrooms, a shared toilet & shower, kitchen, dining area and living area.

  • The home is within walking distance of Luton Train Station with easy access to rail travel.
  • The home a 2 bedroom end terrace house located a short walk from Bury High Street which has access to a lot of shops including a Tesco.
  • It is also a mile from The Mall, Luton. This is Bedfordshire’s premier shopping centre.
  • It is also close to Luton Museum and Gardens and Luton regional sports centre, the cinema and theatre.
  • There are nearby hospitals, GP Centres, and Dentists and opticians.

Provided essential information on gang influences to be aware of and children’s vulnerabilities regarding being targeted by gangs to sell drugs.

Professional working with Looked After Child (LAC)

I really enjoyed this delivery

Support Worker