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As well as our training workshops, we are also proud to offer presentations to local churches, community groups, and other faith-based organisations.

At Exit Foundation, we are faith-based but in no way faith biased. We believe that the church as a community has a major role to play in responding to the violence that we see on our streets both in prevention and intervention.

We deliver church presentations to provide:

  • Awareness and understanding of the issues facing young people
  • Share good news stories of lives changed in the community
  • Support with intervening including how to make referrals

We know we cannot rely on police, or even statutory services alone, to respond to knife crime. Communities, families, faith groups, the media and cultural sectors; we all have a responsibility to encourage young people to fulfil their potential and not to carry and use weapons.

Mayor of London, June 2017The London Knife Crime Strategy

If you believe that your local church community could benefit from one of our informative gang awareness presentations, please get in touch. Together, we can make our streets a safer place for all and help provide support to individuals ready to achieve a better life.

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