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Mental Health & Wellbeing

Exit Foundation have now branched out into working with young people around their mental health and wellbeing. This work is being headed up by our Experienced and respected Practice Lead Yemisi Cedar (see website blog). Yemisi is currently working alongside London Local Authorities and other Mental Health Professionals delivering first class counselling, mentoring and care support to this cohort of clients and is helping to change lives. Exit Foundation ensures that staff working within this area of support are trained Mental Health First Aiders and have been equipped with the skills and knowledge to identify young people who are experiencing mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, self-harm, low self-esteem identity issues, etc.

In these unprecedent times, young people are considered to have suffered disproportionally both in terms of mental health and physiologically as a direct result of the pandemic, mostly due to anxiety caused by financial instability which has a detrimental effect on both personal perception and family dynamics.  We believe in assisting people, of all ages, to address barriers and to participate with relevant activities, in order for them to lead a productive life and actively contribute to society, whilst ensuring a supportive network is in place.  We recognise that isolation leads to increased anxiety, depression and more, and we want to address this through a supportive wrap-a-around programme by providing a specialist confidential mentoring service complemented with a series of workshops offering a programme of life skills, mental well-being, practical job search skills, and above all establishing a social and supportive peer network.  Our end goal and ideal outcome being, leading our clients into some form of employment, training, or education.